Make your words leap off the page

The power of your writing stands alone. Your words have to be good enough to inform, persuade, prompt action without you being in the room.

So how do you do it?

Three little words make it happen:



PURPOSE Before your fingers hit the keyboard be clear about why you are writing and what you want to achieve. Not only in terms of the shaping your writing, but what happens after the reading stops and the action starts.

CLARITY Don’t waffle. Think about the message and put it across using simple easy-to-understand words and phrases. Favour short sentences and paragraphs that concentrate on making a single point well and build your piece bit by bit.

BREVITY Keep it tight. Try to communicate briefly putting your argument across is a well-structured fashion.

Emails can be a minefield!

Section Three of Transform Your Communication Skills is dedicated to improving your writing skills. There are templates as guides to help you improve and advice that can save you massive embarrassment. Emails can be a minefield. I bet you’ve already had occasions when you’ve mistakenly hit the Reply All button when you wanted to send a private response to one person. The writing skills section is packed full of advice that you can refer to whenever faced with needing to write a proposal or understand how to write-up the minutes of a meeting.   Learn how to:  
Write for the reader
Structure a document and write meeting minutes
Write press releases and newsletters
Write emails and avoid common mistakes
Structure and write business case studies
Write a memorable and effective CV, resume or one pager
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