Meet the contributors in chapter order   Transform Your Communication Skills combines three key elements of personal communications in one useful book. Instead of one voice with one view, I am delighted to introduce ten skilled specialists who share their knowledge and experience on different topics with the one single aim of helping you change your fortunes for good. We wish you success.

Stephen Engwell

Steve is a consultant and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner providing coaching therapy to help change people’s lives for the better. His advice will constructively modify behaviour to manage nerves and improve presentation performance. Meet Steve in Chapter 5 and again in Chapter 7.

Peter Cooke

Peter is Managing Director of Dudleigh Films. He studied at the London Academy of Media, Film and Television. He brings fresh creativity to filmmaking, including business, corporate, property, event and music videos. Peter will explain how to prepare and present videos for business purposes. Get Peter’s advice on how to create a great video impression in Chapter 9.

Melonie Dodaro

International #1 bestselling Author of The LinkedIn Code, LinkedIn Expert, Keynote Speaker, and Social Selling Evangelist from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Melonie has written an article on social media etiquette. It concentrates on LinkedIn the international business networking portal. Her advice provides valuable guidance on how to be seen as someone who really knows how to show respect and consideration online.

Sally Hindmarch

Partners with You use the skills professional actors learn in drama school to transform the presentation capabilities of people in business. Sally contributes exercises and techniques to help you look, sound and feel confident in speaking whether it’s a one-to-one encounter in the office or standing in front of many faces staring up at you

Steve Hyland and Linda Bazant

Managing Directors of Business Communications Live and Retail Therapy Television. Steve and Linda have many years’ experience in TV production and media training. Their guidance is especially valuable for media situations on radio and television. Improve your performance in front of the microphone or camera with Steve and Linda in Chapter 10.

Jonathan L. Davey

As a Network Development Specialist Jon is an expert on creating and managing a business network. He has contributed a piece on the role of newsletters to build your business and, importantly, to interact and contribute to the local community too. His energies have resulted in his business network providing help for good causes around the world.   You’ll find Jon in Chapter 14.

Annie Farr

Annie Farr is a professional actor with theatre, TV and film credits to her name. Annie is Sally’s principal workshop leader at Partners with You. Learn from both Sally and Annie in Chapters 7 and 8.

Mark Hughes

Mark is a Social Media specialist, online marketing trainer and Co-founder of Three Tier Media. His approach de-mystifies and quickly shows ways to make the most of social media. Mark will explain the Five Cornerstones of social media in Chapter 12, where he will be joined by Melonie Dodaro, a social media expert from Canada.

Steve Preston

Managing Director of SMP Solutions Career and People Development Consultancy. Steve is a career coach and author of Winning through Redundancy. He created the ‘6 Step Change Cycle’ to help people develop their business careers and often to reshape their wider ambitions in life too. Steve contributed his experience in the ‘How to write a Case Study’ section in Chapter 17.


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