Would you rather walk the plank than speak in public?

  Panic is a natural first reaction when speaking in public. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend and family gathering or at work the butterflies are eagle-sized. The aim is to get everything under control so your mind and body are ready or even relishing the challenge.   Nerves are natural. They show you’re human. Once you recognise they are part of the adrenalin rush you can direct that energy positively. Panic has two sources. One is the subject matter. The other is yourself.   Put another way, what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it. Once you know your subject you can focus on getting yourself tuned-up and ready to speak.  

The speech coaching will include:

Visualisation and relaxation techniques
Breathing exercises
Warming up your voice
Voice projection exercises
Learn a range of practical speaking skills
Showtime – how to mentally switch into performance mode

In total this section you will learn how to:

Gain confidence and manage your nerves
Control your voice and use breathing exercises to look and sound professional
Prepare and deliver a speech for a business or personal occasion
Prepare for media interviews or for appearances on audio or video
Present online using video
Prepare and deliver a webinar
Understand the etiquette of social media messages
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