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Great plot, fast action! Couldn’t put it down once I started reading it. Great plot, fast action, and I learned a lot about that part of the world which I hadn’t previously known. Well written and well researched. Review By Elaine Dawson on 30 July 2015

Political Thriller that will leave you wanting more! One Degree North is an intriguing tale of mid 1960’s Indonesian political mayhem. This story, part history and part fiction, will grab your attention right from the start. From underworld gangs and all their sordid affairs to the CIA, MI6, and KGB operatives each with their own agenda, down to the misplaced English schoolboys who get drafted into the story. Each character has their redeeming, as well as their darker sides laid bare; with only you left to decide which side of the coin outweighs the other. Steve Bridger weaves a tale that will keep you waiting for the promised sequel like a sampan in a squall waits for the winds to calm. Review By J.R. O’Neill on 28 December 2014

A good read! I enjoyed reading this book. Based on a mixture of historical facts and the author’s experience growing up in Singapore it shows life in Singapore in the 1960s as it might have been with espionage, intrigue and guerrilla fighting. A fast moving exciting novel. Review By Bas Qon on 18 December 2014

Fast-paced and full of action! One Degree North is fast-paced and full of action. There are hints of James Bond with a combination of exotic locations, espionage, sex and skulduggery, but in a less familiar setting – post- colonial Singapore in the mid 1960s. British, American and Russian agencies, Indonesian communists and pirates all add to the cross-currents of action. The author’s note confirms the impression from the story that the author has local knowledge – the local colour comes across very strongly. A fun and enjoyable read. Review By Cam Al on 15 December 2014

An excellent book! I have never been to Singapore and I had not previously heard of the Confrontation with Indonesia. The author weaves historical fact with fiction to deliver an excellent book which is very exciting and entertaining, but also gives a fascinating insight into the history and culture of the region. The characters and plot are very skilfully revealed detail by detail, making the book a real page turner. I look forward to reading more by Steve Bridger … and to visiting this fascinating part of the world. Review By Peter Hammond on 23 November 2014

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