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Get on Your Mark, Get Set, Go Into Your Small Business! There are many reasons for giving “Success Before Start-up” five stars, but I will give only five reasons: First, this book has shared business experiences and insights from various small business owners. These business owners have survived setbacks, hardships, disappointments, yet, they have managed—through those difficult times—to sustain their business with hard work, dedication, and by ultimately achieving SUCCESS. Therefore, the reader can reap from the author and the contributors’ experiences, advice, and prepare to establish a sustainable, thriving business of one’s own. Second, this book is a comfortable and practical read that gives the reader a sense of commonality. There is a palpable feeling that Steve and the contributors are guiding the reader in each step in the process by sharing their in-depth knowledge of business principles and fundamentals. Hence, “We’re with you—every step,” rings true, as stated on page seven. Two fundamental points are specifically mentioned prior to the introduction/prelude. Heed them. Third, “The Three Steps to Start-up” are given. The reader will learn seven popular ways to start a business, and then the reader can choose the best start-up option in view of real-life examples of the contributors. Then, “The 4 Factors of Start-up Success” will touch on the crucial elements of business planning, followed by how to plan and prepare the first business plan. Strategic preparation and planning are key to achieving SUCCESS. Hence, five Ps are given as a mantra: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Four, this book doesn’t come without healthy doses of reality. Risks are not ignored; in fact, they are rightfully flagged. To speak frankly, one should not risk more than one can afford to lose. A conservative approach (being cautious and moderate) about finances could lead to a liberal bank account and lucrative business revenues. In other words, “steer clear of debt.” As with any business undertaking, monetary resources will come into play, but financial strains can be greatly minimized, if the reader should heed the advice given in this book. Five, this book is akin to a business “guide” as one would need to follow a map to a specified destination: into the small business world. It is chock-full of necessary information and nuggets of wisdom that can lead to small business accomplishment. By following the business-savvy principles, and the sage advice of Steve and the contributors—as they have the advantage of hindsight with experience—SUCCESS can be obtained, if one is prepared to endure for the long-haul toward set goals. Read this book, study the options, heed the advice, consider the examples, do the research, examine from a perspective of realism and optimism, prepare to deal with any and all circumstances (setbacks and obligations), keep your passion, enhance your skills, be realistic about the competition…. The reader will be wiser and more prepared and equipped to start-up a small successful business, if one should study this book and carefully consider the information compiled by Steve and his contributors. If you want to START a small business, then get started with this book: “Success Before Start-up.” You will not be disappointed, and all the more prepared! Review By Carla on 25 March 2015

You can do it! I started reading Success Before Start-Up with mild curiosity. After all I wasn’t really all that interested in starting a business myself, but I hadn’t read very far before I realized that several of my hobby pursuits which I hadn’t considered business worthy, could in fact be turned into business realities. The book is so positive in its tone and advice that it turned me from a casual reader into a potential business owner, convinced that I can if I am willing to invest my time and energy, start and succeed in a business of my own. For me this was the best part of the book—the sense it gives that it is possible not only to start a business, but with a little work make that business a success. Review By Karen Hopkins on 4 March 2015

Great start-up info! It’s a pleasure to come across a self-help business book that cuts through all the BS and states in plain, clear language what someone contemplating a new business start up needs to know. In an earlier career I was a successful business consultant, CEO of my own firm, working with national, multi-million dollar companies. I wish I’d had this book then. It would have saved me a lot of time and effort when I began the business. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to succeed doing their thing. Review By Alexander Lukeman on 2 March 2015

A must for every business student! I say that business students and entrepreneurial people should read this book because in this book, the reader will explore many different types of businesses. Wanting to start your own business is admirable, but getting to know some of the nuts and bolts about various business opportunities will help a person narrow down the choices. Through a process of elimination, a person can read this book and determine which business type is best for them. Do you want to figure out which business you should start up? Read this book. Once the choice has been made, this book offers excellent resources and gives real life examples of businesses, showing how to move forward in a wise manner as a business person. The reader will learn how to make a business thrive right from the beginning, everything from choosing the right location to finding the right customers. Review By Kelly Pinella on 6 February 2015

A guide to becoming your own boss! Success Before Startup provides an overview for people considering going into business for themselves, and uses advice from small business owners in each of the different types of businesses covered, from buying an existing company to selling a product you’ve created yourself. This book is a quick read, with bullet points, short case histories, and advice from people who have already tested the waters, and it tells would-be entrepreneurs what they need to research and discover before making a major investment of time and money. It’s a great starting point if you’re thinking of striking out on your own. Review By Carol Pack on 9 February 2015

Start up 101 Steve Bridger has offered an easy-to-read and understand lesson that anyone considering starting a new business should read and study. I personally considered and even sampled many of these options without the guidance offered here. I wish I had had access to this summary and advice about the startup options. It is a quick read but should be a thoughtful study for anyone about to make the plunge. Vignettes from actual experiences of successful people along with advice and web links is a valuable extra that give life to this business book. Recommended reading for potential business professionals. Review By Richard Taylor on 99 January 2015

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Great plot, fast action! Couldn’t put it down once I started reading it. Great plot, fast action, and I learned a lot about that part of the world which I hadn’t previously known. Well written and well researched. Review By Elaine Dawson on 30 July 2015

Political Thriller that will leave you wanting more! One Degree North is an intriguing tale of mid 1960’s Indonesian political mayhem. This story, part history and part fiction, will grab your attention right from the start. From underworld gangs and all their sordid affairs to the CIA, MI6, and KGB operatives each with their own agenda, down to the misplaced English schoolboys who get drafted into the story. Each character has their redeeming, as well as their darker sides laid bare; with only you left to decide which side of the coin outweighs the other. Steve Bridger weaves a tale that will keep you waiting for the promised sequel like a sampan in a squall waits for the winds to calm. Review By J.R. O’Neill on 28 December 2014

A good read! I enjoyed reading this book. Based on a mixture of historical facts and the author’s experience growing up in Singapore it shows life in Singapore in the 1960s as it might have been with espionage, intrigue and guerrilla fighting. A fast moving exciting novel. Review By Bas Qon on 18 December 2014

Fast-paced and full of action! One Degree North is fast-paced and full of action. There are hints of James Bond with a combination of exotic locations, espionage, sex and skulduggery, but in a less familiar setting – post- colonial Singapore in the mid 1960s. British, American and Russian agencies, Indonesian communists and pirates all add to the cross-currents of action. The author’s note confirms the impression from the story that the author has local knowledge – the local colour comes across very strongly. A fun and enjoyable read. Review By Cam Al on 15 December 2014

An excellent book! I have never been to Singapore and I had not previously heard of the Confrontation with Indonesia. The author weaves historical fact with fiction to deliver an excellent book which is very exciting and entertaining, but also gives a fascinating insight into the history and culture of the region. The characters and plot are very skilfully revealed detail by detail, making the book a real page turner. I look forward to reading more by Steve Bridger … and to visiting this fascinating part of the world. Review By Peter Hammond on 23 November 2014

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