Create presentations that really affect people


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Presentations are performances with a point

Communicators are messengers. It’s the message that’s important. The way you prepare and deliver a presentation can really affect people. You have the power to influence and positively change attitudes. Presentations can be creative and enjoyable. People learn faster when they connect with a speaker and a subject. It is a performance for a reason. Presentations are a performance with a point. Presentations have a sequence:
Purpose – What are the objectives
Preparation – Building structure and content
Presentation Media – Deciding on technical software, sound and vision
People – What is the composition of your audience in terms of personality types
Pitch – What level or combination of levels of seniority are attending
Problems – Anticipate questions from the floor
Post-Script – Follow-up on questions and take note of issues arising
Pro-Action – Take action after the presentation to achieve presentation aims

Understanding the character traits of an audience is a big advantage


It’s a person to person thing

Despite the quality of your presentation it can fail if you’ve misjudged your audience. By considering different personality types you can prepare content and presentation style to gain the maximum buy-in, to engage the many.
Understanding these differences allows you to satisfy the expectations of each group. This important aspect is explained along with these other presentation elements:  
Learn how to:

Visualise what it will be like when you become a confident speaker, writer and presenter
Appreciate the key elements that speaking and writing have in common
Understand the particular dynamics of communicating in a business situation
Consider the best times in the working day for you to prepare and to perform
Memorise the Golden Rules of speaking and writing
Prepare and structure a presentation
Analyse an audience and pitch at the right level with the right content
Connect with an audience and individuals within an audience
Create a confident elevator pitch, a one-minute mini-presentation
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