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Make the most of the period before you start trading. Before you open a bank account, before you make any commitments, before you spend any money. This is a crucial time when you do your planning and preparation and be sure you’re will put your heart, soul and finance into something that is commercially viable. Success before Start-Up takes you through the four Factors of Start-Up Success to create a template for your own venture and prepare your first business plan. The four factors and some of the questions are: The Human Factor – Have you chosen the right business to suit your personality and ambitions? The Finance Factor – Have you calculated all the funds you’ll need to set up and run your business? The Marketing Factor – Have you created a product or service people want? Have you identified your target market? The Planning Factor – Have you produced a realistic plan to pull all these elements together and demonstrate how the business will work and impress any potential backers?

Success Before Start-Up

by Steve Bridger

Thinking of Starting your own Business?

Get it Right before You Start Learn How To:
Decide on the right business for you
Prepare for the challenge
Avoid mistakes
Reviews: “A really good read with some excellent tips on what to do before starting up your own business. It’s really practical as the book uses many, many examples of local businesses, who’s owners have been-there and done-it. Not just theory waffle, but real life experience.” Andrew M. “Success before Start-Up is just what a potential entrepreneur needs to read; a no-quibbling about, informative and interesting aid to any burgeoning business venture.” Dorcas Rosina


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Read real life start-up stories

You’d be amazed at the number of people who have chosen the wrong business, or overestimated the demand for their product or service, or start on a shoestring, only to realise they haven’t got the financial buffer they need to cope with a string of bills arriving, or they’ve forgotten to make a sufficient personal provision to keep themselves going until the business turns a profit. Success before Start-Up begins with exploring popular business choices, including buying a franchise, opening a high street store, online marketing, online sales, buying an existing business, professional or trade services to see which avenue is right for you. At least two businesses from each business type share their experiences for you to learn from real life. This body of knowledge is supported by chapters on marketing and finance and business planning.

One Degree North

by Steve Bridger

Do you like your action – HOT??

Begin to read and a video starts running in your head. Escape to an exotic world of danger and intrigue: Welcome to the exotic island of Singapore, one degree north of the equator. It’s February 1965, the second year of a small war: the Indonesian Confrontation. Communist insurgents are mounting ever increasing attacks on civilian targets and challenging the security forces. The criminal underworld is being challenged too. These attacks are bad for business. Takings from gambling, prostitution, opium dens and protection rackets are down. Enter a heart-stopping femme fatale to really spice things up. Plotting, deception, murder and intrigue rule the dark side of this tropical island paradise. You don’t expect MI6 and the CIA to stand by and do nothing, do you? Remember the saying: All’s fair in love and war. “One Degree North is an intriguing tale of mid 1960’s Indonesian political mayhem. This story, part history and part fiction, will grab your attention right from the start. From underworld gangs and all their sordid affairs to the CIA, MI6, and KGB operatives each with their own agenda, down to the misplaced English schoolboys who get drafted into the story. Each character has their redeeming, as well as their darker sides laid bare; with only you left to decide which side of the coin outweighs the other.” J R O’Neil Miami FLA Reviews: “One Degree North has a poetry of description and fast pace I’ve seldom encountered in novels. And I do mean FAST. I admit to forcing my pace to slow down and backtrack on a few characters. As a writer, I appreciate Steve Bridger’s ability to impart credible details and turn a clever phrase.” Randy Dutton USA “Singapore, circa 1965, was sensuous, exciting and under attack in an unofficial war called the Indonesian Confrontation. One Degree North begins, beguilingly, with lovers on a soft, sandy beach, and rapidly progresses to bombings, duplicity and espionage involving five nations and the Singapore triads as Bridger uncovers Singapore layer by seductive layer.” Gail Harkins


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