Positive Change.

That’s the theme of this series of blogs stimulated by the book ‘Transform Your Communication Skills’ written by Steve Bridger in collaboration with ten outstanding communication experts. First up in chapter order, is Steve Engwell an NLP Master Practitioner. Steve thought it best to begin at the beginning and explain what those three letters mean and how they can change your life. This is an extract from the book.  

NLP Change Your Mind Change Your Life

Steve Engwell – NLP Master Practitioner

"Our beliefs are the stories we tell ourselves.

“Our beliefs are stories we tell ourselves
Change the story to change the belief.”

NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, USA during the 1970s.
They studied human excellence and were curious about ‘the difference that made the difference’ between people who were good at what they did and those who were excellent.  

NLP is a model of communication. It focuses on how we individually think about our values and beliefs and how this in turn creates the emotional states, behaviour and identity for our inner world, which then manifests externally. It’s about the language of the mind using pictures, sounds, feelings, taste, smell, and self-talk. We are what we think and feel.

Our behaviour has a structure and this can be modelled (that’s both our conscious and unconscious patterns), learned (like a strategy being run) and changed (re-programmed). Excellent behaviour can be duplicated. NLP can be described as: N – Neurology. How our brain and physiology is wired up harmoniously together to allow us to breathe, laugh, walk, eat, learn habits and to feel as we do L – Linguistic. The verbal and non-verbal language we use when we talk to ourselves (like stories we tell ourselves) and communicate with other people P – Programming.

The bringing together and combining of all the above patterns to create our own unique software that we run automatically, just like a computer program to achieve the results we do – good and bad. Put simply, NLP is a set of tools and approaches that modify patterns of thinking that affect the way we behave.

Change the way you think and change the way your think and act. Doing this will build confidence and help you overcome shyness in every aspect of your life. In the book Steve goes on to describe how NLP can help you build your confidence and overcome shyness. You will realise that you have all it takes to change your mind and change your life for the better.

Please visit:  www.transformyourskills.com

To learn more about Steve please follow this link: http://www.linkedin.com/in/stephenengwell
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