You’ve heard the phrase ‘two heads are better than one’. Two heads working in harmony like a song writing team with melody and lyrics complement each other to bring music to our ears. In business, success is often gained by people who on the surface may have conflicting personalities but who work together to pool their individual talents to achieve a commercial aim. In the book Transform Your Communication Skills we enjoyed a third mode of collaboration. Eleven people shared their specialist knowledge in the field of personal communication to create a diverse and dynamic result. The idea was to produce a comprehensive reference guide. One that you could consult if you needed help on a particular aspect, like speaking in public, or maybe you want to raise your overall skill level in speaking, writing and presenting. So often books are written by one person with their particular take on a subject, here you benefit from real-world advice and guidance gleaned from years of practical experience.

Transform Your Communications Skills Explores these Themes:

  • How to manage nerves when speaking in public
  • How to create content and develop presentation structure
  • How to analyse and pitch to an audience
  • How to improve your writing skills across a range of essentials like reports and proposals, PR releases, newsletters and case studies.
Let me introduce the men and women who’ve shared their expertise in chapter order. Stephen Engwell an NLP Master Practitioner takes to the stage first in Chapter 5. Stephen tackles fears of public speaking and managing nerves. Sally Hindmarch and Annie Farr from Partners with You use professional actors to train people how to deliver a confident performance when speaking in public. They pass on their advice in Chapters 7 and 8. Peter Cooke of Dudleigh Films provides tips on writing a video script and presenting to camera in Chapter 9. Chapter 10 is where Steve Hyland and Linda Bazant of Business Connections Live provide invaluable advice on how to prepare for radio and television interviews and never say ‘No comment!’ Social Media is uppermost in the minds of Mark Hughes of Three Tier Media and Melonie Dodaro of Top Dog Social Media from British Columbia Canada in Chapter 12. Jonathan Davey of The Berkshire Blog talks about the marketing impact of newsletters in Chapter 14. Steve Preston of SMP-Solutions is a leader in the field of career and personal development and creator of the 6 Step Change Cycle focuses on how to use the power of case studies to build your professional reputation in Chapter 17. Then there’s me. Steve Bridger creator, writer and author. Find out more about collaboration in the the book…click here
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