Case Studies are powerful weapons.  They will enhance the standing of your business if presented well.  It is important to realise their value. Case Studies provide a professional showcase of your talents in solving problems and providing solutions to your clients.  Importantly case studies provide hard evidence of success.

SMP Solutions are creators of the unique ‘Six-Step Change Cycle’. This highly effective tool can be
personalised and applied to Career Transition, Business Performance Improvement and Personal Coaching Projects.  Steve Preston will take you through a real world example of how to structure your case studies.


Steve Preston of SMP Solutions

Steve Preston Managing Director of SMP Solutions

The SMP Six-Step Career Navigation Cycle process is designed to help people:
Manage the emotional reactions to change
Let go and move forward with confidence
Re-evaluate their career and life goals
Establish skills, attributes, hidden talents and true marketability
Work through career and life options
Focus, gain clarity and discover a new direction
Unlock and fulfil potential to achieve a new career and life path
Take positive action to achieve their goals.

A Real Life Case Study Example:
Beginning section: Identifying the challenge

After twenty-eight years of corporate service, the time had come for a senior executive to leave her employment. She doubted her capabilities without the corporate umbrella and had no clear idea what the future would hold. She had learnt many management techniques but when it came to applying them to herself she needed outside help.

Middle section: The SMP approach – Analysing and developing the solution

SMP listened to the fears and concerns that had built up in the executive’s mind.  Fears were turned into focus, which quickly lessened anxiety and turned negativity into a more positive outlook. Over the next few months the use of the SMP Six-Step Career Navigation Cycle with other dedicated tools and techniques revitalised dormant passions and optimism.

End Section: The results and benefits gained
The result was that the executive had relit the fires of enthusiasm. She now had the courage to leave her old employer to create her own business in a field that she loved.

 Client testimonial:
“Steve and his team have turned my dark world into a glorious bright future
and I’m sure he can do the same for you. Don’t delay. Turn your fear into
focus and take charge of your own future.”

Jane S. Buckinghamshire.

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