Have you wondered exactly how to use LinkedIn for business?

Here is advice on LinkedIn etiquette from the renowned Canadian social media expert Melonie Dodaro on what not to do.

Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms have their own etiquette guide to online behaviour. If you show the same respect to others you won’t go far wrong. Here’s Melonie.


Melonie Dodaro
International #1 Bestselling Author of The LinkedIn Code, LinkedIn Expert,
Keynote Speaker, Social Selling Evangelist from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Ten LinkedIn No-No’s

1. Don’t Send Spammy Messages to Your Connections
The old saying ‘Slow down the sale to speed it up’ fits well here and this
means to not pitch by sending spammy, self-serving messages to your
connections. Everything must always be positioned for their benefit, not

2. Don’t Over-Post
Avoid posting more than one status update per day on LinkedIn and
definitely not more than two.

3. Don’t Ask People You Don’t Know for Recommendations
You should never ask for a recommendation (or give one) to someone
that you can’t personally vouch for. If someone with a poor reputation
gives you a recommendation it will be put right on your profile, linking
back to theirs. Yikes!

4. Don’t Criticize or Comment Negatively in Groups
LinkedIn groups are a great place to make new connections but only if
you don’t turn them off with negativity. Don’t be that guy (or girl)!

5. Do Not Post Self-Serving Content in Groups
LinkedIn groups are not for spamming your content. If you want to share
your content then you need to craft it for the forum you want to post in
and ensure that the goal of the content is to provide value first. Are you
noticing a pattern yet?

6. Don’t Send Messages to Multiple People without Unselecting this Option
If you are going to send a single message to reach multiple people you
need to unselect the option that says ‘Allow recipients to see each other’s
names and email addresses’. Nobody feels special getting a message that
was carelessly sent to a bunch of other people.

7. Don’t Ask People to Like Your Facebook Page
One of the biggest LinkedIn etiquette mistakes I see regularly is new,
random connections begging for ‘likes’ on their Facebook page. It’s really,
really lame. It’s totally different if, after building a relationship with someone,
you also choose to connect with them personally on Facebook, but don’t
send a message saying “Please like my Facebook page”.

8. Don’t Ask New Connections or People You Don’t Know to Endorse You
Just because random people endorse you all the time doesn’t make it
okay to ask for endorsements if you don’t know the person.

I often get people that I don’t know sending me messages saying “I just endorsed your
skills can you endorse mine now?” If they want to endorse you after they
receive a notification that you endorsed them, they will; don’t ask for it
unless it’s someone you know well.

9. Don’t Send Messages with “I see you viewed my profile… ”
In a word: creepy. If it’s someone you want to connect with, go ahead and
send a personalized connection request that does NOT include “I see
you viewed my profile”.

10. Don’t Treat LinkedIn Like Facebook or Twitter
LinkedIn etiquette is very different from Facebook and Twitter etiquette. It’s
important to know the appropriate etiquette for each network as they are
often different. Aka nobody wants to see what you ate for lunch on LinkedIn.

Please take a look at Melonie’s website: http://topdogsocialmedia.com
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